Three Wellsprings of Leadership®

John J. (Jack) Long

About the Author

Jack Long has spent most of his working-life in the Hanover, New Hampshire area, and the Burlington-Stowe area of Vermont. He attended Bishop Eustace Prep in Pennsauken, New Jersey.  He then went to Georgetown University, where he graduated from both the School of Business and the Law Center.  Inspired by Georgetown’s tradition of sending many of its graduates into the public service, he early on decided that he would attempt to split his careers between the private and public sectors.

Author Jack Long, Author John J. LongIn the public sector, Jack served as Vermont’s Chief Environmental Enforcement Attorney.  He subsequently served as the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation (having been confirmed by the Vermont Senate and serving Governor Howard Dean, M.D.), during which time he also served as one of the Commissioners on the Ozone Transport Commission (Wash., D.C.).  He has testified about environmental issues before Vermont Legislative Committees and Committees of the U.S. Senate.  In 2007, he was recruited by Governor Charlie Crist to serve as the Director of the Southeast District of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

In 1996, Jack (who at that time was a Democrat), became discouraged (perhaps “highly annoyed”) by the socialist message of Bernard Sanders, who was Vermont’s Independent Member of the US House of Representatives, and now a Democrat candidate for President.  Jack decided to run for Congress, and became the Democrat nominee.  He received the endorsement of the Burlington Free Press, the only State-wide newspaper, but lost the race to the incumbent, who was supported enthusiastically by the Democrat Party.  The race received national attention because of the Democrat Party’s refusal to support Jack, and his One Man Protest March in front of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Wash., D.C. (Jack has consistently maintained that his march was the prototype for the later Million Man March.)

Jack became a Republican and ran in the 1998 Congressional race against Bernard Sanders.  He received the endorsement of the Burlington Free Press, but failed to win the primary contest. He describes these campaign experiences as among the most exhilarating and enlightening experiences of his life.

In the private sector, Jack has worked as an accountant and attorney.  He is an accomplished litigator, having represented clients accused of environmental violations, and insured clients in employment, contaminated sites, and construction-loss / fire-loss cases.  He argued more than fifteen appellate cases before State Supreme Courts and the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  He also served as in-house counsel to a hazardous waste storage facility.

Jack sat on the Board of Directors of a $1.6B bank holding company.  He is an entrepreneur, having established two companies, and managing the related multimillion dollar funding initiatives.  One company was a regional, Class-B FM broadcast facility (WJJR-FM) headquartered in Rutland, Vermont, with sales offices in Glens Falls, New York and Hanover, New Hampshire. The other company, a manufacturer of high technology resistance weld monitors, was headquartered in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Dissatisfied with the character-traits-list-approach as an accepted way to define character and leadership, a couple of years ago Jack decided to write a book that examines the “idea” of Leadership, and identifies the sources of Leadership that are relevant and available for the presenting opportunity or challenge (“Three Wellsprings of Leadership®”).  Jack has established that many individuals can be authentic and artful leaders, without having to be preoccupied with the latest lists of allegedly indispensable character traits, and the latest leadership fads.

Jack is an Adjunct Professor at the West Palm Beach Campus of Northwood University (600 students), where he teaches Business Law II and International Business Law. He is a Florida Circuit Civil Mediator, and has been appointed to serve as a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Public Arbitrator, to resolve disputes between brokers and their clients, and employment-related disputes between brokerage firms and their employees.

Jack conducts short-form seminars and training sessions on Leadership.  And, he is working on a new Leadership book titled “The Leadership Game®”.